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For more than 20 years, Darrell White has specialized in human services. Whether you want to resolve conflict in the office or step up your performance on the field, Darrell can help you through seminars and one-on-one training.


Since his undergraduate years, Darrell has always taken interest in human connections and personal development. Over the years, he has earned a degree in psychology and counseling, professional staff training, and a personal training certification.


Motivational speaking

Staff training



Professional Development

Personal Development

Personal or group fitness training

Sports skills training

Relationship Conflicts

Healthy relationships thrive on healthy communication. By working with Darrell, you can learn to resolve problems and restore trust between your spouse, children, friends, and any other meaningful relationship in your life.

Workplace Conflicts

Darrell gives you the tools to manage even the most complicated workplace conflicts. By properly communicating with co-workers and managers, you can foster a productive work environment and advance your employment opportunities.

Weight Management Conflicts

Managing your weight can seem like a hopeless cycle of fad diets and aimless gym routines. As a certified personal trainer, Darrell will stay by your side through every step of your journey by helping you focus on a customized nutrition and exercise plan.

Athletic Performance Conflicts

It’s common for athletes to hit a plateau in their performance. Because no two athletes are the same, Darrell will assess your needs and will personally train you. Push your technique, agility, and strength to the next level by making an appointment with Darrell today.

The Battle in Baltimore: Youth Football All Star Games

Saturday, June 2nd to Sunday, June 3rd

Wellness and weight loss Event

Saturday, July 8th to Saturday August 26th

CRC’s Couples and Conflict Event

Saturday, October 6th to Sunday, October 7th

CRC’s 8-Week Group Fitness Training at Lake Montebello

Saturday, June 9th to Saturday, July 28th

Available for Appointments

If you’re ready to see positive changes in your relationships or personal development, contact Darrell White today for an appointment.

  • (443) 762-6010.
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